And, finally – I have some information on the new visual novel I am working on!

Tentatively titled This World Unknown, it is an otome game in which you play as the reasonably young, idealistic Rhea Collins; a girl grown up in a small village with somewhat backwards beliefs, isolated from the…

KnB Boyfriends: Aomine Daiki Edition (insp.)

KnB Boyfriends: Midorima Shintarou Edition (insp.)

KnB Boyfriends: Kise Ryouta Edition (insp.)

KnB Boyfriends: Atsushi Murasakibara Edition (insp.)

KnB Boyfriends: Kagami Taiga Edition (insp.)

KnB Boyfriends: Kuroko Tetsuya Edition (insp.)

KnB Boyfriends: Himuro Tatsuya Edition (insp.)

KnB Boyfriends: Yukio Kasamatsu Edition (insp.)

KnB Boyfriends: Takao Kazunari Edition (insp.)